Luxurious Texture In Fine Designer Rugs

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Custom Designer Area Rugs Are
Rich In Texture

A master interior designer knows the importance of rich lush textures to add elegance to any environment. Area rugs are the best way to bring a room to life without over complicating the space.

At Floordesign we have a wide variety of sumptuous and appealing textured area rugs for any modern or contemporary environment.
A large assortment of weaves, color combinations, and materials are at your fingertips.

With us you can create your heart’s desire.

Caravan Designer Exclusive

The Circa Collection – Tabriz Medallion Pattern

A tone-on-tone Vintage Rug artfully mixes color with designs of the past.

The circa collection celebrates vintage rugs by recreating mid century classics. This line of traditional hand woven rugs is created from washed and dyed subtle tones that celebrate the mid century aesthetic.

Every design is unique, we love how these cool blue tones work well to tie sleek metal, leather, brass, and hand blown glass into an expressive and inspiring look.

Less is more, and with the circa collection the beauty is in the striation and timeless accents. Take a look at this rug in situation to see how this designers exclusive can best be incorporated.

Tuffenkian With Lush Textures

Luminance – Rusty Slate by Tuffenkian
Modern Tibetan Rug

Colors: Silk in Saffron & Copper
Materials: Wool in Denim blue, Greys & Taupes

Every fine rug is truly piece of art. This luxurious combination of unique visual textures from a loop & pile technique creates diverse range of emotions.

Designers can pull from a wide verity of tones with our modern rugs. These subtle work in a range of settings, we had a great time with our friends at Nido Living creating this modern look.

Color and texture can work wonders and for any space that must absolutely dazzle on site rugs like Luminance – Rusty Slate can be used in situation with expressive combinations such as brass, glass, and velvet!

Are You A Designer?
Start Working With The Best In Modern Rugs

Floordesign is constantly reinventing and extending the boundaries of modern design. Visit our showroom off of
Rhode Island st. in San Francisco!

Set up an appointment with the modern rug experts by visiting our contact page or b calling during our regular business hours.

We could not have created these looks without the help of our friends at Nido Living. Both of us are so proud to partner and work with those who have an eye and a taste for elegance
to better showcase these beautiful rugs with stylish vignettes.
Are you looking for more inspiration? View the Floordesign homepage to see our latest designs!

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